Diablo 3 Wizard Stats Guide

One of the best features of the Diablo series is the vast variety of itemization choices that players can use to create their own one of a kind character.

However, this amount of freedom presents would-be Wizards with one problem: what are the best stats for Wizard in Diablo 3?

This Diablo 3 Wizard stats guide seeks to answer that question. We will start out below with primary stats and then go over secondary stats after that.

Diablo 3 Wizard Primary Stats

There are four primary attributes in Diablo 3: Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, and Vitality. Out of these four, the only important stats for the Wizard are Intelligence and Vitality.

Each point of Intelligence increases your damage by 1%. This is a flat relationship. For example, if your weapon damage is 100-200 and you use Arcane Orb (which deals 175% weapon damage), your Arcane Orb’s damage is then 175-350. This is then multiplied by (Intelligence * .01 + 1).

So, if your intelligence is 900, it would be 900*.01+1, or 10. When multiplied by your Arcane Orb’s damage, this would make Arcane Orb deal 10 times more damage, or 1750-3500 damage. This of course would be reduced by whatever your enemy’s armor and resistance, but at least you get a general idea of how Intelligence works in Diablo 3 for the Wizard.

Furthermore, Intelligence also increases your resistances to elements by a certain amount. It seems that each point of Intelligence yields .1% resistance points to all schools of magic. In other words, with 100 Intelligence, your resistances to all spells increase by 10 points.

Resistance points reduce the amount of damage you take from spells based on level. The higher your level, the more resistance points required to gain percentage points of damage mitigation from magic. Since the Wizard uses Intelligence for damage, it naturally gains good defense against magic through this mechanic.

As a side note, Witch Doctor also uses Intelligence as its primary stat. Witch Doctor gear with “Wizard stats” is valuable on the Auction House.

Other D3 Wizard Primary Stats

In addition to Intelligence, the other important primary Diablo 3 Wizard stat is Vitality. Vitality increases the maximum health of your class. As a Wizard, you have less defense than other classes but have a lot of ways to avoid getting hit in combat. However, sometimes getting hit is unavoidable, such as when an enemy draws you in or teleports to you.

In these situations, you need a big health pool to survive, particularly if you are not using the Diamond Skin skill. With this in mind, your best primary stats to stack as a Wizard are Intelligence and Vitality.

Dexterity slightly increases your chance to dodge attacks whereas each point of Strength grants an additional 1 armor. These stats are horrible inefficient for the Wizard though so do not consider the bonus armor and dodge from these stats worth it. The best way to gain armor as a Wizard is to equip a shield and the best way to get Dodge is to use equipment which has +chance to dodge on it rather than through Strength or Dexterity respectively.

Diablo 3 Wizard Stats Guide – Secondary Stats

In addition to your secondary stats, there is a variety of secondary stats which are useful for the Wizard. Below, we will talk about these stats in detail:

  • +Damage. +Damage is a stat that is found on Rings and Amulets. It adds an incredible amount to your overall DPS, particularly when used on a fast weapon like a Wand. For example, if your Wand attacks 2 times per second, then +10-20 damage will actually be +20-40 DPS for your Wand. If you have a slow 2-handed weapon that only attacks once per second, that +10-20 damage will be +10-20 DPS for your 2-handed weapon.
  • Increased Chance to Critically Hit. Many Wizard abilities and passive skills rely on critical hit. Increasing your critical hit not only increases your DPS but increases the chance for these skills to proc.
  • Bonus Damage to Critical Hits. Gear which increases the damage bonus of your critical attacks becomes incredibly useful, particularly as your gear becomes stronger.
  • Increased Attack Speed. Attack Speed increases your attack rate and hence your damage, but you should know that this is not always the case with Wizard. Sometimes a slow weapon with a lot of Arcane Power regeneration or reduction abilities can allow you to play the Wizard in such a way that you rarely if ever have to use Signature Spells. However, this same increase in attack speed can be used to generate extra Arcane Power if you are using skills like Attunement and Prodigy which cause your Signature spells to restore Arcane Power on hit. For the most part, this is still a good stat to get but as you add on a lot of it you will have to be careful when managing your Arcane Power, particularly if you are using a fast weapon like a Wand.
  • Resistances. Gear that adds resistances can make you take a lot less damage from magic as a Wizard, particularly when combined with the resistance bonus that you get from equipment.
  • Damage Dealt is Converted to Life. This is a needed stat for the Wizard since the Wizard has no native healing abilities. Naturally, you only want as much as you need to stay topped off at health, but this stat is really good at adding to your survivability.
  • +Arcane Power Regeneration or Refund From Crits. Anything that increases the rate of your Arcane Power generation or gives you Arcane Power when you critically hit will indirectly add to your damage as extra Arcane Power means extra attacks. It is as simple as that.
  • +Monster Experience or +%Experience. These stats are particularly good, but you have to replace your +Experience stats more frequently then increases in %Experience. For example, getting +20 total extra Experience Points per monster kill at level 6 will be a huge deal and let you level about 20-30% faster, but +20 Experience Points per monster kill at level 30 will mean very little to your leveling speed.
  • +Gold Find / Magic Find. Both of these stats will help you earn more items. +Gold is useful for paying for your crafter to level up as well as for earning more gold to buy a particularly good item or recipe off the Auction House. +Magic Find is useful for finding magic items to use as crafting materials or for finding particularly rare and useful items. Both stats are good, especially when you start building a farming set. Be sure not to sacrifice too much damage (Intelligence) or Health (Vitality) to build this set though or your slower kill speed and lowered survivability may hurt your capacity to gather items.

There are other secondary stats that are useful for the Wizard as well, but these are the ones you want to focus on for leveling up and farming.

Diablo 3 Wizard Stats Guide

By following the strategies and maximizing the stats recommended in this D3 Wizard stats guide, you will deal more damage, have more survivability, and ultimately level up or farm items faster in Diablo 3.

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