Diablo 3 Revenge Runes Guide

In this Diablo 3 Revenge guide, you will discover an ability overview, a runes list with the effects of each Revenge rune and what level you unlock it, and finally a discussion on what the best runes are for this D3 Barbarian skill.

Diablo 3 Revenge Ability Overview

Unlocked: Level 13
Cost: None
No Cooldown
Category: Might

Effect: You have a 15% chance when getting struck to activate Revenge. Revenge deals 220% weapon damage as physical to all nearby enemies and restores 5% of your maximum health for each enemy hit.

Revenge is a very strong ability, especially when you have a lot of enemies around you. Versus the Skeleton King, you can let all 8 skeleton summons get near you and the King, pop Revenge (it procs almost instantly) and you get a 45% heal (9 nearby enemies) and take out all the Skeletons in the process.

Diablo 3 Revenge Runes List

Here are the 5 runes available for Revenge:

  • Vengeance is Mine. Unlocked at level 19. This increases the amount of health generated per hit to 8% and also generates 5 Fury per enemy hit.
  • Best Served Cold. Unlocked at level 25. Revenge increases your critical strike chance by 10% for 12 seconds.
  • Retribution. Unlocked at level 36. Increases the damage of revenge to 286%
  • Grudge. Unlocked at level 41. Knocks back enemies 24 yards whenever you use Revenge.
  • Provocation. Unlocked at level 52. Increases the chance that Revenge procs from 15% per hit to 30%.

Diablo 3 Revenge Best Runes Discussion

Vengeance is Mine is a perfect upgrade to Revenge as it increases its effectiveness. This enhances your survivability by boosting the healing and increases your damage a bit by giving you Rage as well.

Best Served Cold is one of the best runes for your overall DPS in the game. If you stack this with Ruthlessness (passive skill) and Weapons Master (another passive skill) with a Mace or an Axe, your damage will explode as your crit rate goes through the roof and you deal bonus critical damage from these traits.

Retribution is not very good. While normally I am all about the runes that increase damage, Best Served Cold (10% crit bonus for 12 seconds) will do a lot more for your damage than an extra 66% weapon damage on 1 strike.

I am not a big fan of Grudge. It works sort of like Wave of Force for the Wizard. The Wizard needs wave of Force because Wizards cannot handle melee hits. If survivability is the problem, opt with Vengeance is Mine or Provocation. There are better damage breakups for the Barb like using Leap to get away or using Warstomp.

Provocation is good as it lets you use Revenge more often. However, it is hard to say what is better between Best Served Cold, Provocation, and Vengeance is Mine. Here are some of the situations where you can see how there is no clear winner:

  • Provocation is better when there is lots of AoE to be doing as you get the benefit of all that added damage and hitting lots of targets regularly to get healed. Enemies in this situation need to be strong enough to hurt you or else you will not be benefiting from the healing.
  • Vengeance is Mine is better when there is limited opportunities to fire off an attack versus multiple enemies. Think about a boss mob like the Skeleton King. You are really only going to get off 1 Revenge per round of Skeleton summons so you might as well get a full heal and a big Fury boost in the process.
  • Best Served Cold is best when adding extra health is not a priority and you want to maximize damage.

Diablo 3 Revenge Guide

Revenge is a good skill and I think most builds can incorporate it viably. Even if you do not need the health and are tearing through enemies, the 10% extra crit from Best Served Cold is a boost in DPS for everyone.

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