Diablo 3 Rend Runes Guide

In this Diablo 3 Rend guide, you will discover a Rend ability overview, a full list of runes including what level they are unlocked and that they do as well as a discussion on what the best runes are for the Rend D3 Barbarian skill.

Diablo 3 Rend Ability Overview

Unlocked: Level 5
Cost: 20 Fury
Category: Secondary

Effect: Strike at nearby enemies causing them to bleed, dealing 220% weapon damage over 3 seconds.

Diablo 3 Rend Runes List

Here are the 5 runes available for Rend in Diablo 3:

  • Ravage. Unlocked at level 11. Increases the range of Rend to all enemies within 17 yards.
  • Blood Lust. Unlocked at level 19. Gain 9% of the damage done by Rend as life.
  • Lacerate. Unlocked at level 33. Increases the damage dealt by Rend to 271%.
  • Mutilate. Unlocked at level 45. Increases the bleeding duration of Rend to 5 seconds.
  • Bloodbath. Unlocked at level 56. Enemies slain by rend cause enemies within 10 yards to bleed for 60% of weapon damage over 3 seconds.

Diablo 3 Rend Runes Discussion

Ravage is outright an excellent rune for Rend. Rend is a great ability as it is, dealing 220% AoE weapon damage from where you stand. With a 17 yard radius on rend, it practically hits everything around you in quite a large arc. Probably the best overall Rend rune for fighting general monster packs.

While I am not normally a fan of life-leech runes, Blood Lust actually does represent an interesting option as 9% of damage dealt being leeched for life is a very large amount.

If you think about it, you regularly hit 5-6 enemies when using Rend and it deals 220% weapon damage to each one. If you hit 5 enemies, you get 9% health back of 1100% weapon damage, getting about 100% of weapon damage back as life. That is quite a bit of health!

Lacerate is another good option as it boosts Rend’s damage. Rend actually does 1% more damage than Smash (Hammer of the Ancients rune) with the Lacerate rune. It does make it viable against single targets in this regard, especially if there are 1-2 other targets nearby. While Lacerate is better for bosses, I still like the extra range of Ravage for general monster/area cleaning.

Mutilate could be great but could be terrible, the tooltip does not really clarify. With regular Rend, you deal 220% of weapon damage over 3 seconds, or about 73.33% weapon damage per second. It is not clear if Mutilate drops this down to 44% weapon damage per second (220% total) for 5 seconds or if it deals 73.33% weapon damage for 5 seconds.

If Mutilate does 44% of weapon damage per second for 5 seconds, it serves no purpose. If it does 73.33% weapon damage per second for 5 seconds, it is superior to Lacerate and perhaps even Ravage, as this means Mutilate would deal ~367% weapon damage over 5 seconds.

Bloodbath is the final rune for Rend and unfortunately not a very good one. You get almost as much damage from Lacerate as you do from a Bloodbath proc. Lacerate is active all the time but you you have to kill an enemy to get Bloodbath to proc, making Lacerate much more reliable and definitely a better source of sustained DPS.

Diablo 3 Rend Runes Guide

Rend is a great ability with great runes. Ravage and Lacerate (and perhaps Mutilate, hopefully the tooltip is updated soon) are both top-tier damage dealers, whereas Blood Lust is an excellent source of health should you go up against a high DPS enemy.

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