Diablo 3 Monk Stats Guide

Picking the right gear for your character in Diablo 3 is vital for your success. Unlike other games where your character’s levels primarily determine your strength, in Diablo 3 your character’s strength is primarily determined by your equipment. In this Diablo 3 Monk stats guide, you will discover the best stats to get for your Monk in D3.

Diablo 3 Monk Stats Guide – Primary Attributes

The primary stat of the Diablo 3 Monk is Dexterity. Each point of Dexterity increases your damage by 1%, regardless of level. Dexterity also increases your chance to dodge, but the amount you dodge per Dexterity is level-based.

Another important primary attribute for the Monk is Vitality as this increases your max health. Since the Monk is a melee class, it requires more health than ranged classes like the Demon Hunter and Wizard.

The other two attributes, Strength and Intelligence, do not do much for the Monk. Strength increases your armor by 1 for each point and Intelligence increases your damage reduction against all elements by a small amount. Neither of these stats are efficient for the Monk; the dodge you get from Dexterity is better than the small increase in armor and resistance gear is better for the Monk than Intelligence.

D3 Monk Stats – Secondary Attributes

If you played Diablo 2, you know there is a huge variety of secondary item stats available in Diablo games. Diablo 3 is no exception and there are even more types of stats in Diablo 3. Here are the most important D3 Monk secondary item stats.

  • +Damage. One of the best stats in the game for all classes is an increase in damage. The reason for this is your Monk’s damage is just your weapon damage multiplied by your dexterity bonus (1% per Dexterity) and the bonus of your skill. The practical implication of this stat is that you need high weapon damage and Dexterity to deal a lot of damage. One or the other will not cut it. This stat is usually only found on weapons and jewelry.
  • Increased Attack Speed. Increased attack speed is an essential stat for the Monk since the Monk has a lot of abilities that provide powerful but short buffs, most lasting 2-4 seconds. As a result, a faster attack speed not only increases your damage but makes it easier to keep buffs running.
  • Critical Attack Chance. While the Monk is not really built for critical hits like the Barbarian is, this stat will still enhance your damage, particularly if your gear is really good.
  • Critical Hit Damage Bonus. In order to make your critical hit rating useful, this stat is essential. As mentioned though critical hit rating is hard to get to high levels as compared to other classes, but this stat is great once your gear reaches the high end and you end up with a high critical hit rating.
  • Increased Spirit Generation. Some items, particularly weapons, have traits on them which increase your Spirit Generation. These will enhance your damage slightly but as a Monk you have to remember that many of your best abilities have short cooldowns which limits the need for extra Spirit. Personally I would rather have increased attack speed instead as this increases your Spirit Generation, buff uptime, and damage output.
  • Damage Dealt is Converted to Life. Since the Monk has Breath of Heaven, it is less reliant on this secondary stat than other classes. However, Breath of Heaven does have a cooldown and the Monk does take a lot of damage due to its status as a melee class so you will likely still want at least a few percentage points of this stat.]
  • Increased Chance to Dodge. A Monk’s primary form of mitigation is its high chance to dodge. Getting an extra percentage chance to dodge on gear can provide huge mitigation for your character. The mitigation provided from dodge scales exponentially rather than linearly so stacking. For example, say the enemy you are going against deals 100 damage. If you have a 50% chance to dodge, for every 100 swings there will be about 50 hits which will lead to you taking 5000 damage. If you increase your chance to dodge by 1%, this means one less hit, which brings your damage down from 5000 to 4900, or about a 2% decrease in damage taken. Each percentage of dodge you add increases your mitigation in a larger and larger number. Going from 90 to 91% chance to dodge is closer to a 10% increase in mitigation (provided there is not a cap on evasion).
  • Armor. Armor reduces the overall damage you take from both physical and magic attacks. However, note that Armor is not the Monk’s primary form of defense. Take Armor when you can get it, but in general you will have more mitigation by increasing your dodge, resistances, and maximum health. All you need is a big enough health pool so that you can handle an unlucky streak of hits; Breath of Heaven will heal you up from these attacks.
  • Magic Find / Gold Find. You will want to add these stats as they come paired along with other good stats as this will allow you to get more gold and crafting materials. Both Gold Find and Magic Find are good. Magic Find is better for crafting whereas Gold Find is better for getting a single good but expensive item (via the Auction House). I really would take either of the stats though, particularly when you get a piece of equipment that has +Dexterity, +Vitality, and +one of these stats on it.
  • +Experience for Monster Kills. If you get a lot of this on your gear, it actually adds up very quickly and can increase the experience points you earn for killing enemies by 30%+ if you get it on a lot of your equipment. The key thing is to make sure it is level appropriate. Getting a bonus +8-10 XP per kill at level 10 will go a long way, but by level 20 it is not really a significant bonus.
  • Cold/Fire/Arcane/Holy/Poison/Lightning Resistance. With the Monk, you can just max out one of these stats if you use the passive skill that increases your resistance to that of your max. However, if you do not want to use that trait, you will want to go for +all resistances for general use. Even then, as a Monk you will want to at least have a set in your inventory that contains a huge amount of resistance to a particular trait so you can use your One With Everything passive skill if you run into a particularly nasty enemy with multiple elements or resistance-piercing abilities.

Diablo 3 Monk Stats Guide – Conclusion

The Monk is a relatively simply class to gear out. I recommend maxing out Dexterity, Vitality, Weapon Damage and Increased Attack Speed as your primary focus. The primary difference between Barbarian and Monk stats is that the Barbarian gets a lot of its damage from critical hits and damage to critical hit gear and its mitigation from Armor whereas the Monk’s damage is more easily enhanced through increased attack speed and dodge is its primary mitigation.

For getting better gear, you will also want to add Gold Find and Magic Find to the mix. For faster leveling in earlier modes, +experience for monster kills comes in handy, and for harder difficulty modes you will need some sort of elemental resistance. Maxing out Dexterity as a Monk is a sure-fire way to increase both your damage and mitigation in one stat, making it perhaps the most powerful primary stat for any class in Diablo 3.

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