Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Leveling Guide

In this Diablo 3 Demon Hunter leveling guide, you will find some valuable tips on what sort of equipment you want to assemble, what your best abilities are, and the general strategies you want to follow in order to level up easily.

Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Leveling Guide – Gearing Up

In Diablo 3, you are only as strong as your gear. While getting levels up does increase your character’s strength slightly and give you access to new skills and runes, the truth is that your damage is based nearly entirely on your gear. As a result, perhaps the most important aspect of this Diablo 3 Demon Hunter leveling guide is choosing the right equipment.

D3 Demon Hunter Leveling Tips – To Dual Wield or Not?

The way Dual Wielding works is that you alternate attacks between your two weapons. This means that if you have one really good weapon and one crummy weapon, every other attack will be using the damage of the crummy weapon. This will seriously hurt your DPS.

What is the advantage of Dual Wielding? Right now, you get 15% increased attack speed from equipping two weapons and the fact that weapons tend to have better stat point allotments than quivers.

On the other hand, you have to consider that this 15% increased attack speed advantage is not significant as all quivers seem to carry 10% increased attack speed. This means really you only get 5% increased attack speed from using the two weapons plus whatever stat advantage the second weapon gives you.

However, this only works out to be an advantage if the two 1-handed hand crossbows are similar in damage (within 10% DPS not including stats). Otherwise, you are surprisingly better off using whatever weapon gives you the most DPS plus a quiver.

This can even include 1-handed crossbows! If you have a 50 DPS 1-handed crossbow and a 30 DPS 1-handed crossbow, your DPS will actually be higher to just use the 50 DPS weapon and put a Quiver in your off-hand rather than dual-wielding.

While leveling up, you will rarely get access to two similarly powerful hand crossbows, which makes dual wielding pretty pointless until level 60 when can get access to two good 1-handers. You could get incredibly lucky and stumble upon two 1-handers with similar stats, but there is no point in going out of your way for these while leveling up as they will become obsolete shortly.

Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Leveling Guide – Other Equipment

The other equipment you want to find for your Demon Hunter should center on maximizing Dexterity as a priority and Vitality as your secondary stat. Dexterity significantly increases the damage dealt by the Demon Hunter and Vitality will increase your max health to stay alive.

For leveling up, these two stats are your priority. As secondary stats, anything that increases your damage (+damage of any sort, +critical hit rate, Hatred bonuses, and so on) or survivability (particularly +movement speed and % of damage dealt converted to life).

Magic Find and Gold Find work decently too, but in my opinion you will be better off using good gear to kill faster and level up easier. Once you reach the level cap then you can start maxing out these two stats and use them to find bigger gold piles and rare equipment. Of course, I am not turning these away if they make themselves available, but I am not going out of my way to get them.

D3 Demon Hunter Leveling Guide – Abilities and Builds

I am not going to say that there is only one good leveling build as there are many good builds. However, I will suggest certain abilities to use in certain situations.

In tough battles, such as strong Champion packs or boss fights, your basic ability combo (at least at lower levels) is Hungering Arrow (with Piercing Arrow rune), Impale (with Impact Rune), and Caltrops.

This is particularly useful when you are outgunned by whatever enemy it is that you are fighting. Caltrops will allow you to kite the enemy, Hungering Arrow does nearly as much single-target damage as even your Hatred spenders, and Impale does good damage and stuns your opponent, allowing you to get more hits off.

With a combination like this, you can kite for long periods of time without ever getting hit. While you kill slow this way, it will help you take out tougher packs which are either a higher level than you or there are just too many of to confront directly.

Versus weaker, multitudes of enemies (common when clearing up to bosses in dungeons), Bola Shot and Rapid Fire work well together. Bola Shot does pretty good AoE damage, especially with the rune that increases its range. At higher levels, you can switch over from Rapid Fire to Fan of Knives, Multishot, or Cluster Arrow, as these are all better for AoE damage.

Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Leveling Guide – Tips and Strategies for Leveling Up

Once you know how to kill enemies quickly and what sorts of gear you should be collecting, leveling itself becomes pretty easy. In my experience, you do not really need to do much level grinding but rather level up quite quickly by progressing through the game itself.

It seems that the experience point quest rewards for completing big quests such as killing major bosses seem to have the strongest XP effects. For example, killing the Skeleton King at an appropriate level gives you about a full 1/3 of an XP bar in reward experience points.

If you do want to grind levels, it seems that killing bosses is the fastest way throughout the game. However, for farming gold and items, it seems killing regular enemies and champion packs is faster than seeking out bosses. Bosses themselves do not seem to drop much more loot (if any) than a regular champion pack.

You can find 5 champion packs or more in the time it takes to seek out a boss. The general rule is bosses and quests are for leveling, roaming champion-rich areas is good for getting gold and loot.

As far as difficulty levels go, you will want to stick around in Normal Mode until about level 24-26, Nightmare until level 52-54, and Hell until 60. You will want some decent level 60 gear before venturing into Inferno unless you have some powerful friends to play with.

Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Leveling Guide – Conclusion

By gearing up as recommended in this D3 Demon Hunter Leveling Guide, using the right abilities for the right situation, and questing and killing bosses, you will level up quickly and easily as a DH in Diablo 3.