Diablo 3 Barbarian Stats Guide

In this Diablo 3 Barbarian stats guide, we will be discussing the most important stats for your Barbarian in Diablo 3, as well as revealing what secondary stats you should pick up on each gear slot to maximize your strength.

Diablo 3 Barbarian Stats Guide – Primary Stats

The Barbarian is the only class which has strength as its primary stats. Each time you get a point of strength, you increase your damage done by 1%. This is a flat relationship – each extra point of strength equals another % of damage dealt (more on calculations in the next section). Each point of strength also gives you 1 armor.

Vitality increases the Barbarian’s maximum health. While Vitality technically is not a primary stat, it might as well be for the Barbarian. The Barbarian is not an effective attacker outside of melee range which means you end up taking a lot of damage as a Barbarian. Barbarians and Monks need more health than other classes even though Barb and Monk take 30% less damage.

Intelligence increases the resistances of the Barbarian from all elemental attacks. It does not seem like this is meaningful for a Barbarian as it only adds a few % resistance. You are better off using resist gear as a Barbarian to get protection from the elements.

Dexterity increases your dodge rate by a slight amount. Like intelligence, it is not really worth going out of your way to get. You would be better off getting more Vitality if you want to improve your survivability as a Barbarian.

Diablo 3 Barbarian Stats Guide – Damage Calculations

Before we can continue with this D3 Barbarian stats guide, we first need to look at how the damage you deal is calculated. Knowing how damage works makes the secondary stats section easier to understand.

In general, you have two important things: weapon damage and strength. Weapon Damage is the damage of the striking weapon (whichever weapon swings, dual wielders usually alternate weapon swings) in addition to any bonus weapon damage you find on other gear slots (rings and amulets in particular). Strength is simply your strength total.

Now let’s say you are using Bash, which deals 150% weapon damage, your main-hand weapon does 15-20 damage, and your off-hand weapon does 14-19 damage and you have 100 strength.

Under a 150% multiplier, your weapon damage is increased from 15-20 and 14-19 to 22.5-30 and 21-28.5, respectively, when using Bash. With 100 strength, your damage is increased by 100%, bringing up your Bash’ damage to 45-60 when striking with your main-hand and 41-57 when striking with your off-hand (Bash alternates weapons).

Now consider doubling your strength to get to 200. This means you deal 200% extra damage instead of 100%. However, this does not mean your damage doubles. Instead, that 200% is multiplied with the original Bash weapon damage, bringing it up from 22.5-30 and 21-28.5 to 67.5-90 and 63-85.5 damage.

The take-away message is that both strength and weapon damage are important. Weapon damage can be multiplied to a very large level by applying your skill multipliers and your damage bonuses. Without those bonuses from Strength, your damage will be very low.

However, if you have a weak weapon damage, then even with a ton of strength you will not deal very good damage. It is important to have both high Strength and a good weapon damage.

Diablo 3 Barbarian Stats Guide – Secondary Stats

With damage calculations in mind, here are your important secondary stats as a Barbarian:

  • Weapon Damage. Weapon damage does a huge amount to increase your DPS and is frequently found on rings and amulets.
  • Increased Attack Speed. This stat increases the attack speed of your weapons by a percentage. It is not level based; gloves that have 5% increased attack speed will work all the same no matter what level you are. You can think of 1% increased attack speed as being roughly equivalent to an increase in damage by 1%, making it a good stat to have.
  • Critical Hit Damage Bonus. This makes your critical hits do additional damage. The Barbarian has a very high native crit rate due to its passives and already has a high critical damage bonus if you use the Ruthless passive. WIth enough of this, your critical hits deal 3x or more regular damage.
  • Critical Hit Chance. This increases your chance to get a critical hit. Critical Hit chance is an excellent stat for the Barbarian. You can think of it being equivalent to a 1% damage boost for every 100% of +critical hit damage bonus you have (this is seen in your Inventory by clicking on the “details” button right under the attributes panel in-game).
  • Block Amount. If you are wearing a shield, this increases the amount of damage you can absorb. This is a good stat to have if you are using a shield.
  • Block Chance. Increases your chance to block an attack with your shield. Good for shield users.
  • Armor. Provides a flat reduction in all damage types, including elemental damage.
  • Movement Speed. Lets you move faster. Good for leveling up and farming as you get from place to place quicker. Found on boots.
  • Gold Find and Magic Find. Increases the amount of gold enemies drop and your chance to find magic items, respectively. Finding magic items is good for crafters and finding gold is good for buying things on the auction house.
  • Monsters Grant Extra Experience per Kill. This actually adds up if you can find it on gear. While it will not increases your damage, it is not a bad stat to have on items while leveling up.
  • Damage Dealt is Converted to Life. This converts a percentage of your damage to health. You will want enough of this so that you never run out of health during normal circumstances when you factor in Health Globes and using potions and perhaps Revenge. Typically found on weapons, rings, and amulets.
  • Cold/Fire/Lightning/Poison/Arcane/Holy Resistance. These give you a flat damage reduction to that particular element. You likely do not want to be wearing these all the time unless you find something that offers a solid boost to all resistances. For the most part, keep on a resist set and break it out when you need it as you sacrifice damage and health for resistances.

These are the most common secondary stats you will run into that have some use to the Barbarian. I always try to maximize weapon damage and strength first, but there are sometimes when bonus critical damage and increases critical chance can do more for your DPS than raw strength or weapon damage. The DPS meter you can see in your inventory will clear that up for you (found again under details).

Be careful about the DPS meter though – the Barbarian has a lot of good self-buffs such as Battle Rage, Maniac, and Best Served Cold among others. You need to check your DPS when these buffs are running as sometimes they will change things. For example, when Best Served Cold is running, you get 10% bonus critical hit rate.

With this buff, +critical damage bonus does more for your DPS than it does when this buff is not up. If you are sitting in town and comparing gear, you would never know this, so be sure to get some buffs rolling to get an accurate read on your DPS changes from new gear.

Diablo 3 Barbarian Stats Guide

Gearing up a standard offensive Barbarian is easy – max out strength, vitality, weapon damage, critical damage bonus, and critical hit chance. Grab just enough damage converted to life to survive and you will be well on your way to rolling through enemies. If you find yourself dying too easily, put more emphasis on Vitality and damage converted to life. If you are never being hurt by enemies, unload some of your Vitality in favor of damage-oriented stats.

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